Mother packing for El Salvador (C) 2017

When I was younger my mom would tend to make trips to El Salvador on her own. Since we have a lot of younger cousins in El Salvador my mom would always save our old clothes, so she could take it to them. A whole suitcase was dedicated to sending things we didn’t want/use anymore. My mom never believed in taking things to stores like Goodwill. 

She was a professional at making all those things fit into one suitcase. For example the shirts and pants had to be rolled up into little packages. Usually she would put tape around them with the names of the cousins she was planning on giving them to; this strategy made it easier to hand everything out once she got over there. For Salvadorean moms, aunts, or grandmas nothing should ever go to waste. A lot of these things have helped me appreciate everything I have wether it be something as simple as a pair of sandals.


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