Although Spanish is spoken in many countries. El Salvador has some specific words that may be different. These are words that I am familiar with growing up in a salvadorean family.

  1. Pajilla: straw
  2. Bicho: guy
  3. Bicha: guy
  4. vaya pues: okay
  5. puchica: shoot or gosh (used as a form of exclamation)
  6. Chivo: cool
  7. Cabal: exactly
  8. cipote: kid or boy
  9. Chucho: dog
  10. Chuco: dirty
  11. patas: feet
  12. pisto: money
  13. paja: lies
  14. maje: idiot
  15. bayunco: dumb/stupid
  16. bolados: stuff/thing
  17. pelaste: screwed up
  18. voz: you
  19. gaseosa: soda
  20. goma: hangover