Not Letting Them Down

My brother’s, sister, and I are the first ones to get a chance at higher education in the United States. Both of my parents came from El Salvador for different reasons, but always encouraged all of us to take advantage of the opportunities we have. In El Salvador my dad had a really good job … More Not Letting Them Down

Thanksgiving Salvadorean Style

The holidays are my favorite time of the year; first holiday on that list is Thanksgiving. I especially enjoy this holiday because my mom makes my favorite panes con pavo, which are turkey sandwiches. This is the only time of year when my mom will make them, so leftovers are the best!

Getting Punished as a Child

During elementary school many of us remember being on time out atleast once. Having to sit down instead of enjoying a recess was supposed to teach us to be better kids. At home most kids would have a privilege taken away or would be grounded for a few days. That doesn’t seem so bad?

Salvadorean Sayings

Things you’ve heard your family say growing up. Growing up with salvadorean parents in the U.S is interesting because its not your typical American family. They may come off as rude at times or as if they don’t  care about your feeling but they really do love you. I will be providing you with a … More Salvadorean Sayings