More Relatives?

Many cultures are known for having large families. I enjoy large families because there is never a dull moment; there is always something going on. Especially at a party or get together; your mom or dad ends up having to introduce you to a relative you hadn’t met before. Whether it be a birthday, baptism, … More More Relatives?

Mosquito Bites

As you may know from one of my earlier posts; the first time I went to El Salvador was at the age of three. I was too small to remember if I got any mosquito bites or  not. Central America is known for mosquito diseases. The second time I traveled to El Salvador with my … More Mosquito Bites

Thanksgiving Salvadorean Style

The holidays are my favorite time of the year; first holiday on that list is Thanksgiving. I especially enjoy this holiday because my mom makes my favorite panes con pavo, which are turkey sandwiches. This is the only time of year when my mom will make them, so leftovers are the best!

Thunder and Lightning

Here in the Bay Area you never see lightning and Thunder. Even a small storm gets us all fussy! We have some of the best weather here in the Bay Area because its not too cold or too hot. In El Salvador in can be raining, but it will still be extremely hot and humid.