Shopping at El Mercado (C) 2017

In El Salvador El Mercado looks like a flea market. You can buy all sorts of things for very cheap. Things like fruit, clothes, meat, cheese, coffee, pirated movies/games, etc. While living in El Salvador I got to go a few times; it is very dangerous though. The mercado is full of thieves and all sorts of people.

Whenever my parents decided to go my sister and I would always stay in the car waiting for them to come back, because we would fear walking around there. The vendor don’t care whether you want to be touched or not as long as they sell!  Whenever you pass a stand they will try to grab your arm and make you buy something from them. Life is tough in El Salvador and people will make a living however they can.

If you ever visit El Salvador and decide to pay a visit to the mercado be careful. I especially don’t recommend you wear anything fancy. A small tip that most people who visit El Salvador have learned is to make a secret pocket in your pants where you can hide your money.