Three kinds of Tias (C) 2017

In El Salvador like most latino cultures there are different kinds of aunts and uncles. I will be focusing on the three kinds of aunts that exist in Salvadorean culture. These aren’t all the tias, but just a few.

  1. La Chismosa: This kinds of tia is the one that like to gossip all the time. She’ll always have something to say about everyone and everything. You need to be careful with her because the next time you have a family get together she may be spreading rumors around.
  2. La borracha: This kind of tia is the one who will always be at every party she gets invited to. She’ll take advantage of the open bar at the wedding or any free booze that is being offered. She’ll use the being drunk excuse for her embarrassing behavior.
  3. La coqueta: This is the tia that acts as if she was still a young girl. She is single and ready to mingle! She’ll dress younger than her age and wear probably a little too much makeup, but who are you to say anything?
  4. La dulce: This is the sweet tia. She’ll always have something positive to say. She won’t let you come to her house without giving you something to eat. You better it all her food or she will be insulted! Deep down she only means the best.

They may not be the best tias, but they still are family!