Not Letting Them Down (C) 2017

My brother’s, sister, and I are the first ones to get a chance at higher education in the United States. Both of my parents came from El Salvador for different reasons, but always encouraged all of us to take advantage of the opportunities we have. In El Salvador my dad had a really good job and was involved in politics. My mother had less opportunities than my dad because her family wasn’t able to help her out with school. Coming to the United States meant they had to start from zero.

Both of my parents have always been supportive when it comes to school. Knowing that they expect a lot from me has encouraged me to continue studying in order to get my bachelors degree. Ever since elementary school my dad would be the one helping my sister and I with our homework. My mom was always good at anything artistic, so when it came to school projects I knew she would be there to offer ideas.

The stereotype for most latinos in the United States has always been that they barely graduate from high school. As a female with a Salvadorean background I want to help break those stereotypes!