More Relatives? (C) 2017

Many cultures are known for having large families. I enjoy large families because there is never a dull moment; there is always something going on. Especially at a party or get together; your mom or dad ends up having to introduce you to a relative you hadn’t met before. Whether it be a birthday, baptism, or a graduation; you know even your furthest cousin will be invited. 

The majority of my family either lives in El Salvador or Texas, so this tends to happen a lot when we go visit. I only have one grandma left, which is my great-grandmother from my mom’s side of the family; when its her birthday all the tias get together to make tamales and everyone is invited. My great-grandmothers birthday is during the Summer, so this is usually when all her grandsons and granddaughters go visit.

I love large families because they tend to be very close. When you need someone by your side there is always a cousin or aunt to support you!