Mosquito Bites (c) 2017

As you may know from one of my earlier posts; the first time I went to El Salvador was at the age of three. I was too small to remember if I got any mosquito bites or  not. Central America is known for mosquito diseases.

The second time I traveled to El Salvador with my family I was about nine years old. Being older I was able to remember the amount of mosquito bites I ended up with. My parents would jokingly say we had fresh blood, and thats why the mosquitos liked it.  Not only were the mosquito bites very itchy, but they were considerably large. I wanted to enjoy my time in El Salvador as much as I could since it was Summer break, but it was becoming very difficult.

Eventually I learned that the longer you stay in El Salvador affects  the probability that you will continue getting any. Native born Salvadoreans don’t have this sort of problem.