Relatives from El Salvador

With most of my relatives still living in El Salvador; it means at least once a year an aunt or grandma will be visiting. When I was younger we would all be very excited to go pick up family members at the airport. Its common for hispanic families to bring all sorts of food items from their home countries.  The most awaited thing as a Salvadorean living in the United States is Pollo Campero. Its the most popular fast food chicken in El Salvador. (c) 2017

When you get home the first thing you do is unpack the suitcase with all of the food and gifts. Some other popular food items usually brought back are crema, queso duro,queso petacon, frijoles, dulces Tia Toya, pan dulce, etc. Not only is it exciting to have these items brought back to you from El Salvador; having your relatives visit is special!