Carpooling the Salvadorean way (c) 2017

As most hispanic families they tend to be very large. I have three older brothers and a twin sister. When we were younger we would all ride to school with either my mom or dad. Sometimes we would ride in the van that we had or a smaller hatchback. Those days where we all rode in the hatchback it was pretty tight in the car. It was very annoying, but we had no choice. My parents were use to these kinds of things because that’s how it is back in El Salvador. 

If you have ever taken the bus here in the United States they never get too full. In contrast a bus in El Salvador will barely hold everyone and it will sometimes carry animals as well. A large amount of people ride pick up trucks because they are very useful in EL Salvador. Those families who own  a pick up truck will tend to ride people in the camper, and its no problem. Its unbelievable how different cultures can be!